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How to write an article

Article Writing

What is an article?

An article is an articulate, analytical and organised presentation of logical thoughts or ideas.

Requirements for a good article –

 a. One should be well informed about the topic for writing a good and effective article.
b. He should be rich and fluent in creative thinking.
c. Good grammar and rich vocabulary are very much required.
d. Lot of practice is the key to write a good article.

Format of Article

Heading/Topic (3-5 words)
    By line – writer's name/ABC (if name is not given)
Leave a line
Content  ( 3-4 paragraphs ) 
Begin with a thought provoking slogan, quotation, statement or question
Para 1 - Introductory paragraph (present state of affairs)
Para 2 - Analyse the issue
Para 3 - Touch upon other aspects/factors
Para 4 - Concluding paragraph

Marking Scheme –

Format – 1  
Content – 4
Expression – 3  (Accuracy - 1 1/2 & Fluency - 1 1/2)               
Total – 8 marks

Steps for composing a good article –

C – Collect the relevant facts / points / information
O – Organise the collected facts / facts
D – Draft the rough article
E – Edit the article correcting the errors
R – Rewrite the article eliminating the errors, avoiding the repetitions and removing irrelevant points

Types of article –

a.      Informative article – dealing social, environmental or life issues
b.     Analytical article – analysing various aspects of any topic / issue
c.      Article based on comparative study – discussing merits and demerits of any topic
d.     Inspirational article – based on any inspiring personality or motivational topic
e.      Article based on Personal experience – narrating one’s own or other’s experience

Points to remember –

a.      Don’t write ‘thank you’ at the end.
b.     Don’t use names of any specific person / organisation
c.      Don’t use defamatory language that hurts someone’s sentiments
d.     Don’t exceed the word limit – 120-150 words (It may vary)
e.      Article should be interesting, interactive and a pinch of humour may be added.
f.       Use rhetorical questions that don’t need immediate answer.
g.      Divide the article into 3-4 paragraphs.

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Sample Article

      Q1. Every year a great number of trees are cut due to urbanisation and construction works. Write an article on Indiscriminate Felling of Trees’ emphasising on the need to stop the indiscriminate felling of trees and maintain eco-friendly habits.

Indiscriminate Felling of Trees
by ABC

      Man has ever been the greatest villain in degrading the environment and giving rise to the problem of pollution. His insatiable greed had led to the degradation of the atmosphere.
Today the pollution is alarmingly on the rise due to urbanisation and rapidly growing concrete jungles. Forests are our oxygen hubs which are depleting and deteriorating at a fast speed as cities are widening and green cover is being narrowed. It has disturbed the ecological balance of nature. Illegal and indiscriminate felling of trees has adversely affected the rainfall and water cycle. Consequently, the temperature is rising every year.
Before it is too late, we all have to do our bit to tackle the problem. The Government and development authorities need to check the construction of buildings and cutting of trees for this purpose. Every individual should restrict himself from cutting the trees as well as plant trees to compensate the loss.             
We can’t take things for granted. We have to protect the trees, our life line; else the day is not far when we will have to carry an oxygen cylinder with us. Every individual’s effort matters after all, earth is our home.

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