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Letter of Enquiry

Enquiry Letter

What is an Enquiry Letter?

An enquiry letter is a formal letter. It is written to enquire or to get information about some study course, accommodation/services in hotel, products available in any centre, vacation trip, etc.

Purpose :

To draw information from and about any institution/office/college/centre

To find answers to your specific questions regarding any study course / accommodation / services / facilities / products / offers.

What does it include?

It must specify the particulars of enquiry, for example – fee, duration, place, timing, cost, facilities, services, norms, terms and conditions, etc.

The Format of an Enquiry Letter

Sender’s address
Leave a line
Date (11 June 2018)
Leave a line
Receiver’s address
Leave a line
Subject (topic in brief)
Salutation (Sir/Ma’am)
Content (3-4 paragraphs)         
Subscription (Yours faithfully/sincerely)
Writer’s Name (if given/ABC)
Contact number/email address/ designation (if required)

Content Specifications

1 Paragraph – state the purpose of writing letter, reference of newspaper/advertisement and about yourself/purpose
2 Paragraph – Include all the enquiry points/questions/queries
3 Paragraph – conclude the letter asking for reply, information, contact number, etc. as soon as possible
4 Paragraph – complimentary close, attachments (if any)

Language specifications

1.     Use formal but simple language.
2.     Be polite and respectful.
3.     All queries/questions must be clear and specific.
4.     Be precise and to the point in your enquiry.
5.     Don’t include irrelevant/unnecessary details/questions.

Possible queries

Total fees/cost/charges
Mode of payment
Duration of course / timings of classes
Accommodation in hotel/house
Other facilities/services/discount/offers
Admission procedure/norms/scholarship available or not 
eligibility criteria
Mode of transportation/place/distance
Hostel facilities
Other norms/terms and conditions
Campus placement
Hotel charges
Complimentary breakfast
Pick up from station or not
facilities of hot/cold water
driver stay available or not
vehicle for sight seeing
hotel view
Tour package
Places to visit/covered
Type of transport
Food facilities
Fun activities
Guide provided or not
Sight seeing

Sample Letter

Q. You Ajay/ Ankita, a resident of A-123, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. You have passed senior secondary from CBSE and decided to pursue graduation in English honours. Write a letter to the Director of British School of Language, New Delhi seeking information about the English Speaking Course and admission procedure.


A-123, Uttam Nagar
New Delhi
email :

28 June 2018

The Director
British School of Language
New Delhi

Subject : Seeking information about English Speaking Course

With reference to your advertisement about your Institute in Hindustan Times dated 27 June 2018, I wish to seek admission in your school. I have just passed my Senior Secondary examination from CBSE and decided to pursue my Graduation in English honours. Along with that I wish to do a course in English speaking from your reputed institute to enhance my communication skills.

Therefore, I request you to furnish me the following details :
Total duration of course 
Timings of classes
Total cost of the course 
Mode of payment
Transport facilities
Eligibility criteria/qualifications
Date of commencement of course

I would be grateful if you could send me the brochure and contact and above mentioned details to my address at the earliest. 
Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Contact : 9811xxxxxx

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