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Prepositions for all classes


Prepositions tell the position/relation of something in regard to something else (when put together).

Kinds of Preposition according to their arrangement

1. Simple Prepositions – on, at, in, for, to, with, by, of, out, off, from, till, up

2. Compound Prepositions – upon, into, within, without, onto, between, among, amongst, about, inside, outside, beside, behind, below, beneath, underneath, before, after, above, over, beyond, amidst

3. Phrase Prepositions – according to, in accordance with, by dint of, in lieu of, on account of, because of, by means of, due to, instead of, in case of, in spite of, in front of, by virtue of, in addition to, owing to, for the sake of, with regard to

Types of Prepositions on the basis of Functions

Preposition of Place

1.       In – The child is sleeping in the room. (bigger places/area in the context)
On – The duster is kept on the table. (less space, direct contact)
At – Mahatma Gandhi was born at Porbandar in Gujarat. (least or minimum space as compared to ‘in’)

2.       On – My books are kept on the table. (at rest)
Upon – The cat jumped upon the table. (in motion)

3.       In – My toys are kept in the cupboard. (at rest)
Into – He dived into the swimming pool. (in motion)

4.       To – He ran to school. (in motion)
          At – He stands at the top of building. (at rest)

5.       Between – She was sitting between Sona and Mona. (two people/things)
Among – The chocolates were distributed among the children on Christmas. (more than two/many)

6.       Over – The aeroplane is flying over my house. (less high, in motion, limited space, numbers)
Above – The blue sky spreads above. (higher than over, stationary, not specific space, on the top of)

7.       Over – Over 10 thousand people attended the rally. (numbers)
Above –  The students performed above our expectations. (in any reference of scale/level)

8.       Under – The traveller rests under the tree. (motion/less/specific, lesser space/ distance)
Below – The precious gems are hidden below the sea. (far lower, wider/unlimited space)

9.       Along – The tired traveller was walking along the road. (with/beside something)
Across – The child swam across the river in 40 minutes. (from one side to other)

10.     Beside – The thief was sitting beside me. (by the side of)
Besides – My father gave me a bicycle besides a watch. (additionally)           

Preposition of Time

1.       In – I was born in 1991. (larger/unlimited span of time, month, year, century, age)
On – Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5 September. (Lesser span of time, day, date)
At – You reached there at 6:30 p.m. (very specific, time)

2.       Since – I have been living in Delhi since 2009. (in context of starting point of time)
For – I have been living in Delhi for 10 years. (total duration of work)

3.       Since – I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. (point of time in perfect tense)
From – I will join work from tomorrow. (point of time in non-perfect tense)

4.       Till – Wait here for me till I come. (within the time)
Until – Do not go until my arrival. (at the end of time)

5.       By – My father will be back by nine. (by the end of time)
Within – She has to mop this place within an hour. (before the end of time)

6.       In – I will come back in an hour. (at the end of time)
          Within – You have to reach there within 10 minutes. (before the end of time)

Preposition of Agent/Instrument

1.  With – Julius Caesar was stabbed with the daggers. (use of instrument/weapon/tool)
     By – Julius Caesar was assassinated by the conspirators. (hand of agent/person)

2.  With – He is angry with you. (person)
    At – He is angry at your behaviour. (something)

Preposition of Manner

    With – The soldiers fought with courage. (attribute)
    By – He is recognised by his way of talking. (manner)

Preposition of Reason/Purpose

1. Of – Many children died of hunger in Somalia. (reason)
    For – They sacrificed their every thing for their nation. (purpose)
2. From – I am suffering from Malaria. (disease)
    With – He was shivering with fever. (reason)
3. To – My father gifted a pretty watch to me. (direct action)

    For – My father bought a watch for me (reason/purpose)

Preposition of Contrast/Concession

    In spite of – In spite of all his efforts he failed. (contrast)
    With – With all his faults I love him. (concession)

Prepositions of Direction

   To - I am going to school. (destination)
   Towards - Tiger is coming towards us. (going in same direction)
   Through - We are passing through the forest. (crossing the medium)
   From - My mother will be coming from the office. (departing point / source)

Fixed Prepositions with certain nouns and verbs

Agree to – something / idea / statement
Agree with – person
Agree at - some point / this
Die for – someone / something / some cause
Die of – disease, reason
Die in (harness) - working
Extent to – limit  
Speed at – specific speed
Speed with – general speed
Abide by - rules
Time by – watch
Born of – parents
Born in - place

Videos on Prepositions

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