Friday 14 February 2020

Future Tense at a glance


Exercise :

He _____________ the place before you reach there.(leave)    
 If you start at once, you __________  there at 8 pm. (reach)
 I ____________ twenty in coming July. (be) 
 _______ you _________ it, if I tell the secret?(believe)
 Sameer ___________________ his degree course next year by this month. (complete)
 When I get home, my pet ___________ ________for an hour. (wait)
 I will explain it, when you ________ to me. (come)
 The train ______________ by the time you reach the station. (leave)
 We ___________________ for an hour when the teacher notices us . (play)
 My uncle ________________ his 50th birthday tomorrow. (celebrate)

Video on Future Tense

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