Wednesday 13 March 2019

Diary Entry for all classes

Diary Entry

  • Diary is one of the most personal and informal pieces of writing.
  • It is a first person account /record of an experience, feelings and reactions related to any anecdote, incident or event.

Format of Diary Entry

__________ leave a line
Dear diary (optional)
(120-150 words)
__________ leave a line
Name given (first name) / ABC

Marking Scheme

Format – 1
Content – 3
Expression – 4 (Fluency – 2 and Accuracy 2)
Total – 8 marks

Points to remember :

1. It is personal in nature and informal in tone and style. (Sometimes, the tone may be literary, philosophical and reflective, too.)
2. The format, content, tone and style vary according to the subject matter, nature of incident and intensity of emotions. 
3. Exclamatory words and sign of exclamation ( ! ) should be used.
4. It is written in first person of pronoun. ( I )
5. Past Tense should be used. Present or future tenses are also used if current emotions are described or some resolution is made.
6. Active voice is used.
7. Begin the diary entry with a general statement about the day/expression.
8. The main body / content should cover the narration of the event or experience along with your feelings related to that account.
8. Emphasise more on your feelings, viewpoints and reaction rather than narrating the incident.
9. You should conclude with the learning after the episode or judgement on the incident happened.

Certain expressions to be used :

1. What a wonderful day it was!
2. How amazing the experience was!
3. It has been a terrible experience.
4. How can I forget those moments? / I can never forget such a day/moment/ experience.
5. It has been such an astonishing recovery/moment/experience!
6. How agonising it is to recall the incident!
7. I feel, I am on top of the world.
8. It was a historic moment.

Adjectives to make the diary more effective :

 Samples of diary entry

Q1. You are Namit/Namrita. Your name appeared in the list of CBSE XII 5 toppers of your city. Record the experience of the day making an entry in your diary in 120-150 words.

28 May 20XX
7: 30 p.m.

Dear diary
Today, I am on top of the world as it is a historic moment in my life. The CBSE results for class XII were to be announced, today. Curiosity and anxiety were pricking my stomach and I could not sleep last night. I had done very well in my examinations and, was waiting for the result eagerly.
Today, I got up early and checked the CBSE site many times. When I saw the result on the site, I could not believe my eyes. I got 99.6% over all. I jumped with ecstasy and hugged my parents. They were also so happy and excited that they informed all the relatives and friends. Later, my name also appeared in the merit list of the city.
It can never forget the experience and thank God for his blessings. Today, I make a promise that I will keep working hard to hit the higher targets in my life.


Q2. You are Nishchay/Nikita. You attended The Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. Using the hints given below make a diary entry about what you witnessed and experienced in 120-150 words.

More than 20 states participated – Rajasthan-the theme state – participation of foreign countries – cultural programmes – food courts catering all kinds of food – arts and handicrafts from the awarded artisans

12 October 20XX
7: 30 p.m.

Dear diary
Today, I witnessed mini India in the Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. I felt wonder struck to see the cultural variety of our country, India. The theme state – Rajasthan has given brighter hues to the exhibition as the whole campus was painted with the visuals of Ranthambore, Chittor, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, which took my breath away. The awarded artisans from different states set up their stalls. Some neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet gave it an International look. Sarees, bangles, purses, jewellery, garments, shoes and decoration items attracted the visitors of all ages.
The cultural shows like Chaupal and Kathputli pulled a large crowd. Food Court was special attraction for the food lovers who relished the delicacies of Rajasthan and other states.
Above all, the Crafts Mela presented an awe inspiring sight and my admiration for cultural heritage of India reached at another level.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Prepositions for all classes


Prepositions tell the position/relation of something in regard to something else (when put together).

Kinds of Preposition according to their arrangement

1. Simple Prepositions – on, at, in, for, to, with, by, of, out, off, from, till, up

2. Compound Prepositions – upon, into, within, without, onto, between, among, amongst, about, inside, outside, beside, behind, below, beneath, underneath, before, after, above, over, beyond, amidst

3. Phrase Prepositions – according to, in accordance with, by dint of, in lieu of, on account of, because of, by means of, due to, instead of, in case of, in spite of, in front of, by virtue of, in addition to, owing to, for the sake of, with regard to

Types of Prepositions on the basis of Functions

Preposition of Place

1.       In – The child is sleeping in the room. (bigger places/area in the context)
On – The duster is kept on the table. (less space, direct contact)
At – Mahatma Gandhi was born at Porbandar in Gujarat. (least or minimum space as compared to ‘in’)

2.       On – My books are kept on the table. (at rest)
Upon – The cat jumped upon the table. (in motion)

3.       In – My toys are kept in the cupboard. (at rest)
Into – He dived into the swimming pool. (in motion)

4.       To – He ran to school. (in motion)
          At – He stands at the top of building. (at rest)

5.       Between – She was sitting between Sona and Mona. (two people/things)
Among – The chocolates were distributed among the children on Christmas. (more than two/many)

6.       Over – The aeroplane is flying over my house. (less high, in motion, limited space, numbers)
Above – The blue sky spreads above. (higher than over, stationary, not specific space, on the top of)

7.       Over – Over 10 thousand people attended the rally. (numbers)
Above –  The students performed above our expectations. (in any reference of scale/level)

8.       Under – The traveller rests under the tree. (motion/less/specific, lesser space/ distance)
Below – The precious gems are hidden below the sea. (far lower, wider/unlimited space)

9.       Along – The tired traveller was walking along the road. (with/beside something)
Across – The child swam across the river in 40 minutes. (from one side to other)

10.     Beside – The thief was sitting beside me. (by the side of)
Besides – My father gave me a bicycle besides a watch. (additionally)           

Preposition of Time

1.       In – I was born in 1991. (larger/unlimited span of time, month, year, century, age)
On – Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5 September. (Lesser span of time, day, date)
At – You reached there at 6:30 p.m. (very specific, time)

2.       Since – I have been living in Delhi since 2009. (in context of starting point of time)
For – I have been living in Delhi for 10 years. (total duration of work)

3.       Since – I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. (point of time in perfect tense)
From – I will join work from tomorrow. (point of time in non-perfect tense)

4.       Till – Wait here for me till I come. (within the time)
Until – Do not go until my arrival. (at the end of time)

5.       By – My father will be back by nine. (by the end of time)
Within – She has to mop this place within an hour. (before the end of time)

6.       In – I will come back in an hour. (at the end of time)
          Within – You have to reach there within 10 minutes. (before the end of time)

Preposition of Agent/Instrument

1.  With – Julius Caesar was stabbed with the daggers. (use of instrument/weapon/tool)
     By – Julius Caesar was assassinated by the conspirators. (hand of agent/person)

2.  With – He is angry with you. (person)
    At – He is angry at your behaviour. (something)

Preposition of Manner

    With – The soldiers fought with courage. (attribute)
    By – He is recognised by his way of talking. (manner)

Preposition of Reason/Purpose

1. Of – Many children died of hunger in Somalia. (reason)
    For – They sacrificed their every thing for their nation. (purpose)
2. From – I am suffering from Malaria. (disease)
    With – He was shivering with fever. (reason)
3. To – My father gifted a pretty watch to me. (direct action)

    For – My father bought a watch for me (reason/purpose)

Preposition of Contrast/Concession

    In spite of – In spite of all his efforts he failed. (contrast)
    With – With all his faults I love him. (concession)

Prepositions of Direction

   To - I am going to school. (destination)
   Towards - Tiger is coming towards us. (going in same direction)
   Through - We are passing through the forest. (crossing the medium)
   From - My mother will be coming from the office. (departing point / source)

Fixed Prepositions with certain nouns and verbs

Agree to – something / idea / statement
Agree with – person
Agree at - some point / this
Die for – someone / something / some cause
Die of – disease, reason
Die in (harness) - working
Extent to – limit  
Speed at – specific speed
Speed with – general speed
Abide by - rules
Time by – watch
Born of – parents
Born in - place

Videos on Prepositions

Monday 4 March 2019

Job Application Letter for class 12

Job Application Letter

Job application letter is written to attain job. It is written in response to some advertisement either in newspaper, magazine or employment sites.

Points to remember :

1. Follow the format of formal / official letter
2. The language should be formal and polite.
3. The matter needs to be precise and to-the point.
4. It is written in two parts – application letter and Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
5. Some reference, either any advertisement in newspaper, magazine or employment site should be mentioned.
6. While mentioning qualifications and other skills avoid bragging or being boastful.

Marking Scheme :

Format : 1 m.      +       Content :   3m.   + Expression : 2 m.    Total : 6 m.

Content points to be included (letter) :

1. Some reference (newspaper, advertisement)
2. Qualifications, experience, interests, training, awards, etc.
3. Your suitability to the post
4. Request for quick reply / opportunity of interaction / interview
5. Mention of enclosures – Resume, copies of certificates, mark sheets
6. Name and contact no.

Content points to be included (Resume) :

1. Personal Details (Name, Father’s name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, postal address, contact no., email address)
2. Qualifications starting with recent (academic and professional)
3. Work experience starting with recent
4. Awards and Trainings
5. Interests, hobbies and skills 

Format of Formal Letter

1       Sender’s Address
________________________    leave a line
2       Date  (15 March 2018)
________________________    leave a line
3       Address of the receiver
_________________________   leave a line
4       Subject                (short and concise)
________________________   leave a line
5       Salutation (Sir/Madam)
6       Main Body          (3-4 paragraphs)
7       Complimentary Close (Thanking you/Thank you)
_________________________   leave a line
8       Subscription       (Yours faithfully)
8       Name         (name given or ABC)
9.      Contact no. (9810XXXXXX)

Advertisement Writing

Sample Letter

Q1. Draft and application for the post of an Interior Designer in Vital Solutions, New Delhi that was advertised in Hindustan Times on 14 January 2019. You are Amit/Amrita of A-145, Preet Vihar, New Delhi.


A-145, Preet Vihar
New Delhi

16 January 2019

The HR Manager
Vital Solutions
H3/234, Karol Bagh
New Delhi

Subject – Application for the post of Interior Designer
With reference to your advertisement in the Hindustan Times dated 14 January 2019 for the post of an Interior Designer in your reputed company I wish to apply for the same.
I have got 4 years’ experience as a freelancer in the capacity of an Interior Designer during which I completed various projects for homes as well as offices. I'm well versed in both Hindi and English and trained in Microsoft Office. I feel I would be able to deliver up to your expectations.  
Therefore, I would like to submit my Resume for your kind perusal. I look forward to hear from you soon for one to one interaction. 
Thank you

Yours faithfully
Amrita Mishra

Name :                  Amrita Mishra
Father’s Name :   Mr. Vineet Mishra
Date of Birth :     23 October 1991
Sex :                     Female
Contact no. :        9888XXXXXX
Email         :

1. PG Diploma Course, Interior Designing  2014  Delhi University  91% marks
2. B. Arch.                                                    2013  Delhi University  95% marks

Work Experience :
1. Garg Enterprises, Rohtak             2018
2. Malvika Palace, New Delhi         2017
3. Khaitan Sales, Gurgaon               2015-16

Other skills:
1. Basic knowledge in Computer skills
2. Good proficiency in Hindi and English 

Invitation writing