Tuesday 27 December 2022

Advertisement Writing Class 12


Advertisement is a means/way for the general masses to promote/announce /tell about property, vehicle, services, needs or other information seeking attention of people on a common platform/media such as newspaper, magazine, internet, public places, billboards, etc.

Points to remember:

1. Word limit is 50.

2. Place it in a box.

3. Write a suitable title on the top and in the centre.

4. Keep it brief, concise and to the point.

5. Don’t frame sentences, include phrases,

6. Use proverbs, sayings, catchy slogans, headlines, etc.

7. Avoid articles, prepositions, helping verbs, connectors, etc.

8. Include all the necessary and relevant information.

Types :

1. Commercial / Display

Ø   Ø Leading manufacturers / companies / centres / establishments to advertise their products, services or events

Ø Tuition / coaching / training centre / yoga / swimming classes

Ø Shops / outlets / showrooms / health & fitness centre / interior decoration

Ø Tours and travels

Features of Commercial Advertisements :

Ø Ø Attractive with slogans or Catchy phrases

Ø Sketches or pictures are included

Ø Different fonts can be used to make it look attractive.

Ø It should have factual details in a clear & precise manner.

Ø Special offer, discount, and address for communication are provided.


Video on Invitation Writing

2. Classified

Ø To-let (Rent property)

Ø For sale / purchase (house, shop, motor vehicle, furniture, other items)

Ø Situation vacant / Situation wanted

Ø Placement Services available / Services wanted (maid, cook, driver, home tutor, nurse)

Ø Matrimonial

Ø Packers and movers

Ø Lost and found

Ø Accommodation wanted

Ø Obituary

Ø Missing (person, animal, documents)

Ø Educational

Ø Change of name / address


Ø Features of Classified Advertisements:

Ø They are written in short catchy phrases, words and titles/headings.

Ø The language used is simple and formal.

Ø They are short, concise and to the point.

Ø All the relevant /required information is provided.

   Irrelevant and unimportant information is to be avoided.

Ø Contact name and address is given.

Ø They are written in a box to attract attention.



Situation Vacant

Situation vacant for a salesman in a private company ‘Star Solutions’, Educational qualification – graduation, fluent in spoken English, good communication skills, pleasant personality, Salary – 5 L per annum, walk in interview, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 pm.

Contact : 9411xxxxxx


Wanted a tutor to teach a girl, class XII English. Ladies preferred, with minimum five years’ experience of teaching CBSE syllabus, good fluency in English speaking, evening time, Salary - 20 thousand per month.

Contact: 9810xxxxxx

House on Rent

2 BHK available on rent, attached bath, a balcony, newly built house, newly painted, XYZ colony, ABC area, Car parking facility available. Expected rent Rs. 12000 - 15000 per month. Family preferred.

Contact number : XXXXXX1234

Video on Article Writing

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