Friday 14 September 2018

How to write a Report

Report Writing

What is a Report?

A report is a structured description of an event, programme, accident, natural disaster, seminar, meeting or fair. It is a factual account of what happened in order/sequence.

Ingredients :

Formal structure
Careful planning/collection of facts or data
Presentation of the facts in logical manner/chronological order

Types : (according to the purpose it serves)

Academic, newspaper, business, official, political and legal

Points to remember:

1. Report needs to be brief and to the point.
2. It contains factual presentation of data/events/occurrences.
3. Happenings should be reported in chronological order.
4. Brief background of happening may be given if required.
5. It should be written in past tense. (active/passive)
6. Simple, clear and comprehensive language should be used. (no ambiguity)
7. Avoid using unnecessary jargon. (over complicated terms/language)
8. Personal opinion/view point must be avoided.
9. Don’t give additional/unnecessary information.

 Format of Report Writing

For newspaper

1. Title
2. By line – writer’s name, designation/title (ABC if no name is given)
3. Place, date, month :
4. Content (3-4 paragraphs)

Para 1. Expansion of headline, brief summary of what, when and where (2-3 sentences)
Para 2. Detailed description of happenings in sequence/order with possible reasons
Para 3. Comments of witness, remarks of spectators/people present at the spot
Para 4. Action taken so far, Conclusion with possibilities in future/steps required

For school magazine

1. Title
2. By line – writer’s name/designation if required (ABC if no name is given)
3. Content (3-4 paragraphs)

Para 1. What, where, when, why
Para 2. Description of events in sequence of happening
Para 3. Involvement of special people/chief guest/ importance/ theme of event
Para 4. Conclusion

Marking Scheme -

Format - 1 mark
Content - 4 marks
Expression - 5 marks (2.5 - accuracy and 2.5 -- relevance) 
Total - 10 marks

 Examples of a Good Report

Q1. You are Anand/Ameesha, a correspondent of The Tribune. Prepare a report on ‘Book Fair’ organised in Jaipur in about 120-150 words to be published in the newspaper.

Book Fair at Chandigarh
By Ameesha, Correspondent, The Tribune

Chandigarh, 26 August : The book lovers swarmed as a Book Fair was organised at Exhibition Centre in Chandigarh. It was organised by National Book trust, India.

The fair was inaugurated by the noted lyricist, Prasoon Joshi on 21 August, 2018 and it lasted for five days. All the leading publishing houses were invited. Among the notables were Penguin, Macmillan, Oxford, Harper Collins, Rashtriya Sahara and Sachdeva.

Fiction writers of Modern India such Amish, Anita Desai, Chetan Bhagat and Arundhati Rai attracted many book lovers. Books on technology, finance, astrology and positive thinking also pulled a big crowd.

Some schools also visited the fair aiming to inculcate reading habits among the students and had a good bargain for their library. Many people had to curtail the list of their favourite books due to high prices. The fair ended with thanksgiving speech of the Chairman of the Trust.

Q2. You are Suhani, the Cultural Secretary of ABC School, Nagpur. Prepare a report on ‘Annual Function’ on its silver jubilee organised in the school in about 200-250 words to be published in the school magazine.

Annual Day Silver Jubilee Function
By Suhani, Cultural Secretary

17 November 2018, Nagpur : A B C School, Nagpur celebrated its Annual Function with unprecedented joy and jubilation on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee year. Renowned Choreographer Remo D’souza graced the occasion as the Chief Guest who inaugurated the Function by lighting the lamp.

The Musical rendition ‘The Tale of Love and Hate’ based on the story of Malala Yousafzai was a message of struggle against terrorism and fight for Right to Education for the audience. The magnificent dances in the musical drama were a feast to the eyes and the School choir got hold of the audience through their powerful renditions. The glittering faces of the performers added a special twilight of glow to the ambience.

Prize Distribution was also held in the school to felicitate the talented and meritorious students. The school felicitated the CBSE toppers from class XII and class X with trophies and certificates encouraging them to set higher goals in their life and achieve more attractive laurels.

The beautiful presentation of the story 'The Tale of Love and hate' kept the audience glued to their seats. The Chief Guest enthused the audience by shaking a leg and spoke on the importance of education which brings emancipation of the soul.

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