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Descriptive Paragraph for class 9

Descriptive Paragraph / Essay

  • It is factual and detailed description of a person, place, thing and event.
  • It involves optimum use of all senses and close observation to capture the details and engages attention.
  • The Detailing has to be precise with use of rich vocabulary, specific terms and right adjectives.
  • It must invoke five senses while reading or listening the description.


The purpose of description is to describe a thing, person, place or event so vividly that a picture is formed in the listener’s / reader’s mind.
Another purpose may be to find a thief or criminal, lost person or thing.


Title (in centre and underlined)
Content (1-2 paragraphs)

Types : Description of –

1. Person
2. Place
3. Thing
4. Event

1. Person

Body structure - Tall, short, medium height, weight, well-built body, robust, stout, thin, fat, stocky, plump, lanky, reedy, stooping, drooping shoulders

Face – round, oval, square face, smiling, clean shaved, bearded, moustache

Complexion – dark, fair, brown, wheatish

Hair – curly, straight, long, short, black, brown, golden hair

Eyes – brown, blue, black, twinkling, dull, one eyed, squint
Teeth – pearly white, close set, gapped teeth, yellow, broken
Special mark – cut on eye brow, mole, wound, identifiable mark, clothes, jewellary

Mannerisms – deep, heavy voice, way of talking / walking, limping, talkative, quiet

Personality – hobbies, interests, habits, qualities, profession, style, class, honest, optimistic, playful, helpful, active, confident, selfish  


Condition of place   Busy, crowded, noisy, quiet, clean or dirty

Condition of roads – heavy traffic, lined with trees / hawkers, parked vehicles, well lit, potholes

Mention of  things / beings  – people, vehicles, shops, buildings, streets, roads

Area / surroundings – tidy, stingy, dumped garbage, street lights, posters, stray animals


Deatils  – size, colour, shape, quality, brand, logo

Design  – leaf, animal, flower, face, pattern

Material – cloth, metal, leather, plastic , glass

Contents – papers, documents, money, jewellery, handkerchief, books, food, other things

Parts – partitions, zips, pockets

Recognisable / identification sign  – numbers, words, slogan, name printed on it


Mention of time, date, place

Narration of happenings in sequence, programme, awards

Involvement of people, chief guest, participants, guests, media, celebrity

Highlights – Theme, learning, experience, emotions

Conclusion – personal opinion

Sample of Descriptive Writing

Q. It being your first day at school, you noticed everything minutely. Describe your class teacher who took the very first class first day. Describe in 120-140 words.


It being my first day at St. Francis School, Nagpur, I walked very quietly to my class room as I knew no body there. On entering class room, I read the name the door ‘Ms. Shobha Tandan’. The room was echoing with shouts of children. I was only waiting for my class teacher as I sat quietly at my desk.
After a while, I got a glimpse of a lovely face and the class was silent at the moment. She introduced herself as our Class Teacher and uttered her name that I knew already. She was tall and beautiful with fair complexion. Her strong voice engaged everyone’s attention. Draped in a blue saree she was walking between the rows in a graceful manner. She was holding a diary and Cambridge dictionary in her hand while she talked.
Her smiling face made a lasting impression on all of us and the school was no more new to me.  

Present Tense