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How to do Omission

How to do Omission

Points to remember :

1.     First of all read the complete passage carefully.
2.     Try to understand what the passage is all about.
3.     Try to find out which tense is used/should be used.
4.     You should be able to understand whether the passage is in Active/Passive Voice.
5.     If the passage tells about some natural phenomenon/universal fact/general or scientific fact, present tense should be used, preferably Present Indefinite Tense.
6.     If the passage narrates/ describes some event/ incident/experience happened in past, you should use past tense and preferably Past Indefinite tense.
7.     A passage will be given in the question and the passage will be split in lines numbered as a b c d e f and so on.
8.     In each line one word will be omitted/missing. You have to find that missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after in order to indicate the place where the missing word should be inserted.
9.     Write all the three words of a line with the number of that line and underline the missing word that you produce. Follow the exercises that are given below.

Omission Exercises

Q1. In the passage given below one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word and the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Remember to underline the word that you produce.

a.     Man’s practice increases hard work.
b.     If he does not it, his practice suffers.
c.      The lawyer is judged the cases he wins.
d.     The writer’s success examined by the
e.     opinion of the readers critics whereas the
f.       typist’s efficiency is tested by speed and
accuracy of his work.

Solution 1

Before W.               Missing W.        After W.
a.     increases                    with                hard
b.     not                              do                  it
c.      judged                       by                   the
d.     success                      is                     examined
e.     readers                       and                  critics
f.       by                               his                  speed

a. Alfred Nobel a clear view of what                           
b. Was happening International politics during                   
c. The second half the 19th century. His own
d. Activity as industrialist was to the                           
e. Utmost degree international it was                         
f. Vitally necessary for him follow                                            
    this development.

Solution 2

Before W.          Missing W.              After W.
a.     Nobel                         had                 a
b.     happening                  in                    international
c.      half                             of                  the
d.     as                                an                  industrialist 
e.     international              and                  it
f.       him                             to                   follow

The magician climbed on the platform. He waved
the audience. He took two boxes in his hand.
One was bigger the other. He showed both
boxes the spectators. There was
nothing them. Then he took some small
pieces of paper put them into the smaller
 box. He then covered the box a black
cloth and waved wand over it.

Solution 3

Before W.     Missing W.   After W.
on                   to                   the
__                   to                   the
bigger            than               the
boxes             to                    the
nothing         in                     them
paper             and                 put
box                with               a
waved           his                   wand

                Before / missing / after
Walking very beneficial to us                                          walking / is / very
We should get up early the morning                                 (a) ________
and go for a walk. Those are                                             (b) ________
used to for morning walks, will find it                                 (c) ________
impossible to remain bed in the                                         (d) ________
morning. For them it not so much                                     (e) ________
an exercise but pleasure.                                                    (f) ________

Solution 4
 (a)   early       in        the
 (b)  those      who    are
 (c)  to           going   for
 (d)  remain   in         bed
 (e)  it            is         not
 (f)   but        a          pleasure 

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