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How to do Editing

How to do Editing

Points to remember :

1.     First of all, read the complete passage carefully.
2.     Try to understand what the passage is all about.
3.     Try to find out which tense is used/should be used.
4.     You should be able to understand whether the passage is in Active/Passive Voice.
5.     If the passage tells about some natural phenomenon/universal fact/general or scientific fact, present tense should be used, preferably Present Indefinite Tense.
6.     If the passage narrates/ describes some event/ incident/experience happened in past, you should use past tense and preferably Past Indefinite tense.
7.     A passage will be given in the question and the passage will be split in lines numbered as a b c d e f and so on.
8.     There will be one error in each line.
9.     There will be errors based on basic grammar topics such as Tenses, Verbs, Non-Finites, Prepositions, Determiners, Subject Verb Agreement, Connectors, Active-Passive Voice, etc.
10.  You are required to write the incorrect word as well as the correct     word.
11.  Follow the exercises that are given below.

Editing Exercises

Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word as well as the correct word against the correct answer number.
a.     A hailstorm usually occur during                       --------     ---------
b.     Warm weather and is accompany                      --------     ---------
c.      In many cases with thunder,                              --------     ---------
d.     Lightning and rain. Hail was formed                 --------     ---------
e.     When raindrops freezes while                           --------     ---------
f.       Passing in the belt of cold air on                        --------     ---------
g.     their way for earth. Small rain                           --------     ---------
h.     drops forms very small hailstones.                   --------     ---------


            Incorrect word                   Correct word
a.         occur                                     occurs
b.        accompany                          accompanied
c.         with                                        by
d.        was                                         is
e.         freezes                                  freeze
f.         in                                             through
g.         for                                          to
h.        forms                                     form

a.     A real friend loves you from the
b.     Greatest extent but always cares
c.      And wishes to your success in all your
d.     Ventures. Friendship was a caring, trusting
e.     While affirming inter-relationship.
f.       It is the rare jewel, a sure shelter
g.     And a essence of life. A true friend is
h.     Always committed by his friendship.


 Incorrect word                   Correct word
a.     From                                      to
b.     But                                          and
c.      To                                           for
d.     Was                                        is
e.     While                                     and
f.       The                                         a
g.     A                                             an
h.     By                                           to

a.  Mr. Malhotra’s secretary tell his client                               --------     ---------
b.  that he had come well on time. He                                     ---------    ---------
c.  asked him for wait a bit and told that                                 ---------     ---------
d. he will be back in few minutes.                                          ---------     ---------


            Incorrect word                   Correct word
a.         Tell                                        told
b.         On                                         in
c.         For                                        to
d.         will                                       would

Finally, one day, Sunita ran out in patience.           (a)  _______   _______
Enough was enough. she decide to confront          (b)  _______   _______
Suruchi. she asked her why she was been              (c)  _______   _______
Nasty to her. She has done nothing to offend        (d)  _______   _______
her. She knew the confrontation will mean            (e) _______    _______

the end to their relationship.                                   (f) ________   _______

Solution 4.
  Incorrect word                      Correct word
a.         in                                       of
b.         decide                               decided
c.         was                                    had
d.         has                                     had
e.         will                                     would

f.          to                                        of

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