Saturday 12 January 2019

How to Improve your English

Improve Your Answers

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your boss/friends?
Do you wish to impress the examiner with your answers?
Do you plan to bring a revolutionary improvement in your personality?

Here are the answers:

Bring a remarkable improvement in your language (English) written/spoken by following simple steps –

1. Use of certain adjectives before nouns

2. Use of certain adverbs before adjectives

3. Use of these phrases/idioms in your sentences

4. Usage of adjectives and adverbs in sentences/phrases

Examples of sentences:

Instead of saying

‘We celebrated the festival with great joy.’

You could say

“We all celebrated the festival with unprecedented joy and immense zeal”.

Turn the sentence

‘The two gentlemen of Verona were determined, diligent and self-respecting’.


The two gentlemen of Verona possessed unshakable determination, remarkable willingness to work and enviable self-esteem.

More examples of beautiful language:

  •      In spite of all the riches that he enjoys, he is a stingy fellow to an abominable extent.
  •      Now a days there are ample opportunities in the sphere of content writing with a promising future.
  •      My joy knew no bounds when my drug addict brother decided to call it quits.
  •      Saki has lashed the materialistic, jealous and shallow people in the society with his astonishing quality of wit, humour and sarcasm.
  •      Water being the elixir of life, is among the most urgent issues for the mankind to deal with.
  •      There is a heinous nexus between business and politics posing a big obstacle in the way of poverty alleviation. 
  •      Through the eloquent speeches of Antony and Brutus Shakespeare has proved himself as the indisputably greatest master of language.
  •      Irony lies in the fact that man, in spite of being the most sensible creature on earth, is heading towards his own destruction and posing himself as a horrible threat to the mankind.
  •      Mother of young seagull was bent upon teaching it how to fly and left no stone unturned in accomplishing the desired task.