Wednesday 13 March 2019

Diary Entry for all classes

Diary Entry

  • Diary is one of the most personal and informal pieces of writing.
  • It is a first person account /record of an experience, feelings and reactions related to any anecdote, incident or event.

Format of Diary Entry

__________ leave a line
Dear diary (optional)
(120-150 words)
__________ leave a line
Name given (first name) / ABC

Marking Scheme

Format – 1
Content – 3
Expression – 4 (Fluency – 2 and Accuracy 2)
Total – 8 marks

Points to remember :

1. It is personal in nature and informal in tone and style. (Sometimes, the tone may be literary, philosophical and reflective, too.)
2. The format, content, tone and style vary according to the subject matter, nature of incident and intensity of emotions. 
3. Exclamatory words and sign of exclamation ( ! ) should be used.
4. It is written in first person of pronoun. ( I )
5. Past Tense should be used. Present or future tenses are also used if current emotions are described or some resolution is made.
6. Active voice is used.
7. Begin the diary entry with a general statement about the day/expression.
8. The main body / content should cover the narration of the event or experience along with your feelings related to that account.
8. Emphasise more on your feelings, viewpoints and reaction rather than narrating the incident.
9. You should conclude with the learning after the episode or judgement on the incident happened.

Certain expressions to be used :

1. What a wonderful day it was!
2. How amazing the experience was!
3. It has been a terrible experience.
4. How can I forget those moments? / I can never forget such a day/moment/ experience.
5. It has been such an astonishing recovery/moment/experience!
6. How agonising it is to recall the incident!
7. I feel, I am on top of the world.
8. It was a historic moment.

Adjectives to make the diary more effective :

 Samples of diary entry

Q1. You are Namit/Namrita. Your name appeared in the list of CBSE XII 5 toppers of your city. Record the experience of the day making an entry in your diary in 120-150 words.

28 May 20XX
7: 30 p.m.

Dear diary
Today, I am on top of the world as it is a historic moment in my life. The CBSE results for class XII were to be announced, today. Curiosity and anxiety were pricking my stomach and I could not sleep last night. I had done very well in my examinations and, was waiting for the result eagerly.
Today, I got up early and checked the CBSE site many times. When I saw the result on the site, I could not believe my eyes. I got 99.6% over all. I jumped with ecstasy and hugged my parents. They were also so happy and excited that they informed all the relatives and friends. Later, my name also appeared in the merit list of the city.
It can never forget the experience and thank God for his blessings. Today, I make a promise that I will keep working hard to hit the higher targets in my life.


Q2. You are Nishchay/Nikita. You attended The Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. Using the hints given below make a diary entry about what you witnessed and experienced in 120-150 words.

More than 20 states participated – Rajasthan-the theme state – participation of foreign countries – cultural programmes – food courts catering all kinds of food – arts and handicrafts from the awarded artisans

12 October 20XX
7: 30 p.m.

Dear diary
Today, I witnessed mini India in the Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. I felt wonder struck to see the cultural variety of our country, India. The theme state – Rajasthan has given brighter hues to the exhibition as the whole campus was painted with the visuals of Ranthambore, Chittor, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, which took my breath away. The awarded artisans from different states set up their stalls. Some neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet gave it an International look. Sarees, bangles, purses, jewellery, garments, shoes and decoration items attracted the visitors of all ages.
The cultural shows like Chaupal and Kathputli pulled a large crowd. Food Court was special attraction for the food lovers who relished the delicacies of Rajasthan and other states.
Above all, the Crafts Mela presented an awe inspiring sight and my admiration for cultural heritage of India reached at another level.


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