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Email Writing

E-mail Writing

What is an E-mail –

  • E-mail is short form of Electronic Mail.
  • It is a form of letter or message written, sent as well as received electronically.


Purposes :

  • It is written with the purpose of friendly or informal communication
  • breaking some news
  • giving important piece of information
  • business proposal
  • creating awareness
  • making a request or enquiry
  • advertising a project or creation
  • and other communication purposes


Types :

Just like Letter, E-mail is of two types.

  • Informal E-mail
  • Formal E-mail


Points to remember :

  • ·        The language should be formal but simple and unambiguous (clear).
  • ·        The language should be formal or informal according to the type and purpose of e-mail.
  • ·        Contractions, abbreviations and colloquial language should not be used.
  • ·        Unnecessary information should be avoided.
  • ·        Aggressive and rude language should be avoided.
  • ·        Tone should be polite, cheerful and decent. (especially for formal email)
  • ·        Don’t use the shortcuts of messaging. For example - gr8, cu, how r u, etc.
  • ·        For business and official emails extra care needs to be take. Be strictly formal in language, tone and format.
  • ·        Word limit is usually 100 – 120 but it may vary according to purpose, word limit given and marking scheme.



Date : 06 November 2020

From :

To :   ( Formal - )

Subject : brief (3-7 words)

Salutation (dear friend/father/sir/ma’am)



(1-2 paragraphs)



Designation (if required)


Marking Scheme –

Format – 1

Content – 3 

Expression – 4 (Fluency – 2 and Accuracy 2)            

Total – 8 marks (It may vary according to standard and board)

 Video on formal letter

Sample of E-mail (Informal)

Q1. You are Amit/Amrita. You have recently joined your college and shifted in the hostel. Write an e-mail to your father describing your experience on the first day. Write the e-mail in 100-120 words.                                                     6 marks


Date : 21 October 20xx

From :


Subject : First day at hostel

Dear papa

How are you all there at home. I’m good, here. My first day at the hostel went smooth. After saying good bye to you when I was going back to the hostel, I stopped to hear rocking music. Rajesh who loves western music can’t stay without enjoying loud music and Vikram, my other roommate loves to sleep. Thus, both of them are like Tom and Jerry. But, they are nice by nature. Rajesh made Maggi for me and Vikram shared his jam with me for morning snacks. We three had good time, however I missed you all.

I liked beautiful handmade card by my lovely sis, Veenu. I miss you all. Now, I have to leave for my college and I promise I will work hard and make you feel proud. Bye.



Sample of E-mail (Formal)

Q2. You are Vani/Vinesh. You have read an advertisement about vacancy for a job of consultant in a media company. Write an e-mail to the Manager applying for the post and describing your candidature, qualifications and experience. Write the e-mail in 100-120 words.                                                      6 marks


Date : 26 December 20xx

From :


Subject : Application for Post of Consultant


With reference to your advertisement in the Hindustan Times dated 25 December 20xx for the post of a Consultant in your reputed company I wish to apply for the same.

I completed my post graduation, LLM from the reputed institute, Amity University with 92% marks.

I have got 4 years’ experience as a freelancer in the capacity of consultant online during which I completed various projects for news channels as well as magazines. I feel I would be able to deliver up to your expectations.  

Therefore, I have attached my resume herewith the email for your kind perusal. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Attachment: Resume

Thank you

Yours faithfully


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