Tuesday 8 May 2018

How to write a Speech

Speech Writing

Let's learn how to write a speech correctly and effectively.

What is a Speech?
A speech is a communicative form of expression of one’s ideas/opinion on a specific topic. It may be a formal address or public discourse.

1.     Address the gathering with greetings
2.     Introduce yourself and the topic
3.     Main body 
4.     Closing –  Thank the audience

Marking Scheme
Format – 1 m  
Content – 4 m          
Expression – 5m       
Total – 10 marks
Expression – accuracy of language, grammar and spelling    2 ½ marks
Coherence and relevance of ideas and style                          2 ½ marks

Points to remember
1.     Identify the objective/purpose
2.     Knowledge of facts/statistics
3.     Plan the content.
4.     Reference to a fact, data, survey, situation or person or examples from present scenario
5.     Express your opinion/ ideas logically and coherently.

Language specifications
1.     The language should be polite – I take the opportunity, I thank the management/the school to give me the opportunity
2.     Language should be interactive and interesting.
3.     Use direct language – Take the pledge, Wake up before it is too late
4.     Use the pronouns – I, you and we
5.     Use modal auxiliaries – will, should, must, need to, ought to
6.     Use Present Tense – Simple Present or present Continuous
7.     Emotive language – pathos, humour etc.
8.     Rhetorical questions – Have you ever thought of it? How many of you pick a wrapper lying as soon as you notice?
9.      Direct suggestions – We must act now?
10.                         Hypothetical conditions based on facts.
11.                         Use of correct punctuation marks –  , ! ? ;

How to Write a Speech

Opening Paragraph – Opening with a quotation, slogan, saying or any question, greetings, address, introducing self and topic
Introductory Paragraph – reference to the facts, figures or development of the matter, introduction to the topic
II Paragraph – Reasons/problems, details or other factors associated with the topic/issue
III Paragraph – warnings, measures, personal opinion or other relevant steps
Closing Paragraph – appeal to bring desirable change, thanks

Sample Speeches

Q. You are Kajal/Kamal. Write a speech to be delivered in a seminar on adverse effects of gadgets and machines in about 150-200 words.  10 marks

Are We Making Ourselves Slaves to Machines?

Good morning esteemed guests and galaxy of intellectuals!
I am Kajal/Kamal and I wish to express my views on ‘Are we making ourselves slaves to machines’?  I completely agree that we have become so dependent upon machines that our life would come to a standstill without them. 
Science and technology have transformed the life style of modern man to a great extent. Right from the time we rise to the time we go to sleep we depend on various appliances and machines. Refrigerator, car, air conditioner, washing machine, etc. have already become irreplaceable with the excuse of saving time and energy owing to our fast life. Now, with the advent of mobile phones and Computers the life has become worse. I must tell you a very interesting fact that mobile phones and computers were invented to save our time and improve our efficiency. Is it really happening? All of us know the answer. Unscrupulous use of machines leads to only decline and depreciation.
Where are we going? I think the situation has already become alarming. I really shudder to think of the day the gadgets would be attached to our body and it would be difficult for us to even breathe freely. Too much dependence on the electric appliances and electronic gadgets is not only harmful for our physical and mental health but it is hazardous for our environment, too.
Advancement in science and technology has really helped the mankind to take a giant leap forward to the civilization. But we should set our preferences and know our limits. After all, the man is the noblest creation of God. Hence, he can think of his good, himself.
Let’s imagine a day without electricity, mobile phones and computers. If we panic to imagine a day without them, we are heading towards disaster. We feel miserable without them because we are so much used to them. We must pause and ponder over where we are going and where we must put brakes.
Thank you. 

Q. In order to promote reading habits among the students your class is conducting a special assembly on ‘Importance of Books’.  You are Ravi/Rani. Draft a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly in about 150-200 words.                                                                                        10 marks

Books Empower Us

“Some books are tasted, others are to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested”. – Francis Bacon

Good morning honourable Principal, worthy teachers and dear friends!
My name is Ravi/Rani and I take this opportunity to share my views on significance of books in a student’s life. Wait, why only a student, actually in everyone’s life. Some great person has said, “Books are our best friends.” In fact, great people are great because books have been their companions.

God literature can transport us into another world. A magazine can equip us with brilliant ideas. A well-read person is ready to tackle any challenge he faces in life. We might lose everything else—our job, money, even friends and family but the gift of knowledge can never be snatched from us.

Benefits of reading books are innumerable. A well-written work will definitely improve our writing skill. Furthermore, the books will also improve our brain power and retention of memory as while reading books and making notes we are put to critical and analytical thinking. The more we read, the more enriched we are. 

Undoubtedly, books are the storehouse of knowledge and source of education and empowerment. But, today in the era of internet and computers it has become a challenge for the teachers and parents to inculcate reading habits among the children. I hope we all will face this challenge and return to the world of books which would eventually empower us.

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