Friday 30 October 2020

Past Tense - an Overview

Past Tense at a Glance

Exercise :

Murli ______________ in the pool at that moment. (swim)
 We ___________ to have dinner when our uncle arrived. (go) 
 I __________ ‘Ignited Minds’ last week. (read)
 By the time my friend came, I _________ . (sleep)
 The thief _______________ when the police arrived. (escape)
 My friend _________ for Mumbai yesterday to enjoy the weekend. (leave)
 She __________________ there for a year when she died. (live)
 If she __________ hard, she would have succeeded. (work)
 Teresa ____________ even the last train. (miss)
  ____   you _________ in the weekend? (travel)

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