Thursday 28 February 2019

Invitation Writing skill for class 12


Invitation is a short message or request to invite the relatives, friends, acquaintances, officials and business relations.

Types :      1. Formal    2. Informal

Formal Invitation : 1. Card form (printed)        2. Letter form (hand written)

Occasion : birthday, wedding, house warming, inauguration of office/shop, annual function of school, etc.

Marking Scheme : Format + Content – 2   Accuracy + Expression – 2    Total – 4 m.              
(class 11 & 12)

Points to remember :

1. It is written in one single sentence (card form)
2. Name of invitee is not included/important (supposed to be on envelope)
3. The matter should be centre aligned.
4. Simple present tense should be used.
5. It is written in third person.
6. Word limit is 50 words.
7. It should be put in box.
8. It should include the name of VIP prominently.
9. The matter/message should be brief and precise.
10. Only important details should be included.
11. No punctuation is put at the break of line.

Format of Invitation (details to be included)

1. Name/designation of host
2. Occasion
3. Date, time and place (venue) of the occasion
4. Mention of special guest/VIP/programme (when required)
5. RSVP (Réspondez s’il vous plaît)
6. Address and contact number of organiser
7. Put it in box.

Standard expressions of invitation

1. seek the pleasure of your company
2. cordially invite you
3. invite your gracious presence
4. solicit your graceful presence
5. request the pleasure of your benign presence

Samples of formal invitation
Q1. You are son of Mr. Swaroop Singh of Saket Vihar, New Delhi. Your sister is getting married. Draft a formal invitation on his behalf to be sent on the occasion. Invent the necessary details. Do not exceed 50 words. 

Mrs. and Mr. Swaroop Singh
solicit your gracious presence
on the occasion of
of their daughter
(son of Mrs. And Mr. Ashok Aggarwal)
Friday, 15 February 2019, 8 p.m.
At their residence
(45-D, Swaroop Bhavan, Saket Vihar, New Delhi)
Singh family
Ph. 9891xxxx

Q2. Vatika Ethnic Handicrafts is holding Handicrafts Mela in New Delhi. Draft a formal invitation to be sent on the occasion of its inaugural ceremony inventing all the necessary details in not more than 50 words.

Vaatika Ethnic Handicrafts
seek the pleasure of your presence at the
Inaugural Ceremony  
Handicrafts Mela
Saturday, 16 February 2019, 10:30 a.m.
Central Park, Karol Bagh, New Delhi
Inauguration by
(the Director of Vaatika Group)
Vaatika family

Q3. You are the Director of Apex Coaching Institute, a leading name in coaching for competitive examinations including IIT-JEE. Write letters to the Principals of some prestigious schools inviting the names of two brilliant students from each school to attend their free of cost counselling session.

Apex Coaching Institute
Chanakya Puri

18 November 2018

The Principal
ABC School
New Delhi

Subject : Students’ name for counselling session

Our institute is organising a free counselling session for the IIT aspirants on 28 November 2018 at 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Your school is regarded as one of the prestigious institutions of Delhi. It would be a favour if you recommend two brilliant students from your school for the session. Kindly send the recommendations by 25 November.
Thank you

Yours faithfully

Q4. You are the secretary of Alumni Association of Shri Krishna College, Lucknow. 25th Alumni Meet will be held at Palace Hotel, Lucknow. Write an invitation letter to the old students of the school to attend the meet.

Alumni Association
Shri Krishna College

26 February 2019

Dear Alumnus
Subject : Invitation for Alumni Meet

25th Alumni Meet will be held on 5 March 2019 at Palace Hotel, Vivek Nagar, Lucknow. All the alumni along with their spouses are cordially invited. You are requested to assemble at 6 p.m. in the banquet hall for the get together followed by dinner. Kindly confirm your seats by sending Rs. 500 to the undersigned.
Thank you

Yours faithfully
Secretary, Alumni Association

Q5. You are Siddhartha Rao, Secretary of Sports Club of DPS, Ghaziabad. Your school is organising Annual Sports Meet. Write a letter inviting Mr. Yogender Singh, boxing champion to inaugurate the Sports Meet.

Delhi Public School
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

18 November 2018

Mr. Yogender Singh
45-D, New Colony
New Delhi

Subject : Invitation to Inauguration of Sports Meet

Our school is organising its Annual Sports Meet on 28 November 2018. You are cordially invited to inaugurate the meet at 9:30 a.m. You are a youth icon and pride of our nation. Your presence will boost the enthusiasm of the contestants. Kindly accept the invitation and confirm your availability by 24 November.
Thank you

Yours sincerely
Siddhartha Rao
Secretary, Sports Club 

Reply to the invitation

1. Acceptance
2. Denial/refusal


Writer’s address
Acknowledge and thank for invitation/express the pleasure
Confirm the arrival / refuse it stating the reason
Apologise if you refuse
Designation (if required)


Q1. You are Ranjan Rana. You have been invited to be the judge at an Inter School Debate Contest on 19 December 2018  by the Principal of Manohar senior secondary School, New Delhi. Write a formal reply accepting the invitation.

G-171, Saket Vihar
New Delhi

15 December 2018

Ranjan Rana thanks the Principal of Manohar Senior Secondary School  for inviting him to be the judge at Inter School Debate Contest on 19 December 2018 at 10 a.m. He is pleased to accept the kind invitation and hopes that he will be able to perform his duty to the utmost of his ability.
Best wishes

Ranjan Rana