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How to write a Notice

Notice Writing for Classes 6-12

What is Notice?

Notice is an important piece of information which is meant for a larger group. It should be as brief as possible and only important information should be added in the notice.

Format of Notice

Name of the Organization/Institute/Group
Leave a line
Word ‘NOTICE’ ( in capital letters )
Date ( 03 March 2018 )
Heading / Topic
Leave a line

CONTENT (50 words)
(Body of notice)

Leave a line
Name / ABC
Designation / post

Video on report writing

Key points to remember –
1.     Language should be formal and polite.
2.     Passive Voice should be used as much as possible
3.     Indirect language should be used. Statements should not be written in “…….”
4.     You should not use first or second person of pronoun, ( I, we you etc.) instead you should use third person of pronoun (he, they etc.)
5.     Notice should be short, compact and precise.
6.     There should be substantial difference between the date of issuing notice and the date of event / last date of submission.
7.       Strictly adhere to the word limit. ( 50 words )
8.     Put the notice in a box.
9.     Marking Scheme –          Format – 1
                                         Content – 2
                                         Expression - 1 (Fluency – ½  & Accuracy – ½ )
                                         Total      4 marks

How to write the content for a notice

Proper beginning – This is to inform all the members/students/residents
What – event / purpose
When – time / date
Where – place
From whom – specific group / people
What to do – instructions
Deadline / last date
                      Date               (Specify separately in case the information
      Time               of any event, programme 
      Place              competition is to be given)
Proper ending – For further details kindly contact the undersigned.

Sample Notices

Q. You are Prakash Mehta, the President of Red Cross Blood Bank Society, New Delhi. Write a notice in not more than 50 words giving the details of blood donation camp in your city and urging the people to donate blood give their contribution for the good cause.

                   Red Cross Blood Bank Society, New Delhi

                23 April 2018
          Blood Donation Camp

                This is to inform that a Blood Donation Camp is organised to save the lives who die due to the want of blood. All are requested to come in large number and donate blood. Camp details are as under :
Dates : 26-28 April 2018
Time : 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
           Place : Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi              
                Prakash Mehta
                President, Red Cross Society Blood Bank
 Contact - 9871XXXXXX               

Q. You are Surendra Singh, President of Alok Vihar Society RWA, Noida. Draft a notice informing the residents about cleaning of water tank and apologising for withholding water supply. Invent all the necessary details and put the notice in box.

                      Alok Vihar Society, Noida

                27 May 2018
                    Cleaning of Water Tank

                This is to inform that water tank of the society is going to be cleaned on 29 May 2018 and water supply will be withheld for twelve hours.  All the residents are requested to store water sufficient for their needs. Inconvenience is regretted. For further details contact RWA office.

                Surendra Singh
                President, RWA, Alok Vihar Society

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