Saturday 11 January 2020

11 Golden rules to crack English board exam

11 golden rules for scoring 95% and above in English Exam

·        Always put your best foot forward –
Attempt the section as per your strength.
If you are good at creative writing and grammar, first of all, attempt section B.
Otherwise, attempt Literature part, as it is the best prepared section.
If you are confused, attempt A, B and C in the order it is given in the paper.

·        Distribute your time wisely –
Writing - 45 minutes 
Grammar – 15 minutes
Literature – 60 minutes
Reading – 45 minutes
Revision – 15 minutes

·        Find time to draw margins at right hand side in the beginning and align your answers to the left and right margins; don’t leave space here and there. Make your answers look neat. Underline important points/information in your answers.

·        Leave at least 3 lines between two answers.

·        During revision if you feel like adding any information or point or correct some sentences, you will have space to do so.

·        After completing your paper neatly draw a line between two answers.

·        Don’t do cutting of the answers or overwriting, instead neatly rewrite them. If you require cutting some word or answer, strike it off once or twice neatly and rewrite it.

·        Read the questions carefully to understand them and attempt the ones which you can do best according to your information and abilities, when there is a choice. Never try to attempt both.

·        For Reading comprehension read questions first and then read the passage. While reading quickly underline difficult words, important terms and sentences and then try to pick answers from these lines and words.

·        Never forget to write question number.

·        Practice a lot. Solve at least 10 sample question papers.